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The Structure of Scientific Work

The dissertation in the discipline "Psychology" is built on the basis of a scheme that includes the following writing plan:

  • Introduction;

  • Main part;

  • The final part, conclusions based on the results of the study.

Each part of the scientific project must be designed in an appropriate way, include content and correspond to the topic. When is writing the introductory part (introduction), the purpose and objectives of the study are indicated, the practical significance is described, as well as the relevance of the topic. The main part contains several sections, where a detailed description of the research carried out and the results obtained are presented. The final part consists of the conclusions of the work done, as well as recommendations and proposals regarding the solution of the problem under study.

What does preparation include?

Thorough preparation for writing a dissertation is the key to the success of the author and obtaining the desired scientific degree. It is important that the content of the work fully reveals the topic, for this, together with the supervisor, a plan is preliminarily drawn up, the points of which must be followed. There is no point in typing too much material, since it will not be possible to fit it all into the work. It is better to describe each chapter in detail and concisely, having previously studied in depth the selected list of paper and electronic sources.

Dissertation writing

After the development and approval of the plan, the graduate student or applicant starts writing a dissertation. In order not to waste time in vain, it is enough to write 1 or 2 points a week, especially if the topic requires deep study and disclosure. This time is quite enough to enter the working channel and, without hurrying, to bring the work to the end.

It is important to initially correctly draw up the work so that all the requirements for it are met. Since the volume of the dissertation is quite large, you should not stop at the important stages of writing, leaving them for later. Time should be left for correcting theoretical data.

To write the practical part would require an experiment, which may require a group of people who are unaware that they are taking part in a scientific psychological study. Only in this case it is possible to obtain a real and reliable result.

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