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The GBMCAA started the Young Men's Leadership Conference (YMLC) in 2012 in response to a clarion call for programs developed and implemented by men of color for younger men of color. This call resounded with every report of African-American males and other young men of color being disproportionately represented at or near the bottom for standardized test scores and graduation rates while being at or near the top for truancy and dropout rates. The YMLC is the GBMCAA’s answer and response to the call for character education and leadership development.

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The GBMCAA understands the demands on your time; family, career, grad school, leadership responsibilities and etc... The GBMCAA welcomes you at your preferred level of engagement, commitment & support.



Get involved with the YMLCs, Adopt-A-Family Christmas wrap, Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service, MoreJazz weekend and more. There are various opportunities to engage and volunteer

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The GBMCAA request its members to pay annual dues by making a donate in the amount of $50 or greater.  Please keep your receipt and email to or present at our general body meetings.

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Young men of color face significantly disproportionate risks and challenges in seeking higher education. Your contribution will help us eliminate some of the barriers Greater Boston’s young men of color face in their educational endeavors. Together, we can sustain the momentum of young scholars by providing a foundation of residual financial support.

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