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Greater Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund

Through our alma mater and your efforts and support for over 20 years, the GBMCAA has established the Greater Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund based at Morehouse College.  Currently valued in excess of $355,000, this fund provides GBMCAA scholarships exclusively for Greater Boston area students attending Morehouse College each year (new and returning).  Currently enrolled student may apply for scholarship via the "Scholarship Portal"


This award honors the memory of Oronde Allie, a Boston-based Morehouse College sophomore who was killed on November 20, 1994.  Since 1998, we have awarded a scholarship to a Morehouse student from the Greater Boston area in the name of Oronde.  The award recognizes a student who represents the academic prowess and promise that was the mark of Oronde’s endeavors.


Lenny Zakim was an incomparable local and national leader who led in the fight against injustice, hatred, and inequality.  Lenny’s activist efforts to counter bigotry and unite diverse racial, religious, and ethnic groups are well known and the Zakim Memorial Bridge is named in his honor.  What is less known was Lenny’s love for Morehouse College.  Lenny Loved Morehouse College enough to visit the campus, deliver passionate speeches there, dialogue and debate with students, launch and secure funding for a course on Black/Jewish relations, and came to enjoy the Glee Club concert almost every year.  This scholarship is awarded to the Boston-area student who exhibits the greatest potential to use his Morehouse College experience to serve humanity, to fight injustice and hatred, and to build Morehouse College.


Named after past Morehouse College and GBMCAA President Dr. John Silvans Wilson under whose 11-year leadership the GBMCAA initiated the Mo’ Better Gala, established the GBMCAA endowed account, became 501c3 organization, distributed hundreds of scholarships and frequently won chapter of the year, this award is given to the Boston-area student who reflects the potential, leadership, and vision displayed by the best of Morehouse College graduates.  Now, more than ever, we need leaders with the courage and capacity to make measurable differences in this world.  In honor of his exemplary leadership we annually award this scholarship to a Boston-based Morehouse student who demonstrates the fundamental principles of leadership, and reflects the potential and far-reaching vision we need in this community, this nation, and this world.


This award is presented to a Boston-area student who shows academic promise and a commitment to social justice within the community. Judge Reginald Lindsay, Morehouse College class of 1967, grew up in Birmingham, Alabama during the pre-civil rights era, and despite many obstacles, rose to the highest levels of the legal profession. In 1993, he was the second African-American appointed to the federal bench in Massachusetts. Judge Lindsay devoted his life to giving back to the Greater Boston community, especially to disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities. Candidates for this named scholarship should plan to pursue a career in the field of law, community activism, or government. Applications should reflect a significant involvement and participation in activities that reflect these future career goals and interests. In addition to the general application students should submit a 1,000-word essay on a social justice issue affecting the African-American community and the role you wish to play in that cause.

"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls."

Howard Thurman '23


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